Track your profits and capture the market!

EVE Tycoon is a profit tracking and market management application for EVE Online.
Track trade and industry profits across all your characters, so you can be sure you're making a profit!

For industrialists, EVE Tycoon tracks your production lines so you can see exactly how much you spent to build an item. Traders can keep their market orders up to date with the order update hotkey, which opens the in-game market with the undercut price in the clipboard.

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Free Features

  • Hourly ESI syncing
  • Order undercut hotkey
  • Trade and industry profit tracking
  • Broker fees per-character
  • Cross-character trade and industry tracking
  • Custom broker fees for player structures
  • Time ranges for broker fees
  • 30 day profit history and analysis
  • Full transaction, journal, and industry job history
  • Margin calculator
  • Two ESI character limit

Supporter Features

  • All of the Free features
  • Ad-free
  • Load price undercuts from private structures
  • Contract profit tracking
  • All-time profit history and analysis
  • Four ESI character limit

Pro Features

  • All of the Supporter features
  • Unlimited ESI characters
  • More features to be announced!

EVE Tycoon is in under active development, with planned features that include:

  • More analysis (top items, worst items, profit by week, etc)
  • Support for decryptors in invention jobs
  • Track items / industry materials obtained via contracts
  • Your suggestions!